In my Mega Juice and Herb Vlog… Its all about the Juicer.. I used my Breville Ikon (bought second hand for $80) for more then 10 years. It was a great faithful juicer, taking me from a fresh daily juice right through to a 30 day juice fast. The step into the world of the more efficient slow juicer took forever. Why? because I just couldn’t commit to one with so many conflicting reviews out there and a much higher price tag.
I have entered the world of slow juicers now, and here is a video on my personal insights into juicers and why the best juicer is the one you use.
I recommend the
Breville Ikon – centrifugal
Oscar DA 1000 Horizontal – single gear
Tribest Corp Greenstar twin gear
(I did see the newer Kuvings wide mouth juicer being used in a very busy cafe in Melbourne and seemed to be handling the pace but a few friends with the older style have had issues with hard veggies and stringy celery, similar to what happened to be and my Hurom)
Top of the range is the Norwalk Juicer form the stables of Dr Walkers crew, but at $2,000+ most of us a mere mortals are out of range and I cant see the benefit being that big a difference. (Though happy to be proved wrong)
Hope this helps somewhat and feel free to share with anyone you think might like it. Peace out.. Ally 🙂