Health issues are personal and confidential we choose to respects peoples identities by using initials. The Bug Beater formula was great and I didn’t get sick once whilst away our other travelling companions came home with bad flu from same trip … but not us. R.S Springwood NSW Australia

“I have had Ally treat both myself and my daughter with great success. I have a chronic digestive disease “colitis” whilst my daughter had issues with her menstrual cycles. Both of us are very happy with the treatments and I am now enjoying a high level of health: My daughter’s problem was cured within 2 weeks+ Although my colitis is a chronic disease it is now well managed and under control and I feel completely confident in Ally’s herbal treatment and alternative methods”. D.G Oatley NSW Australia

Thank you so much for those Anti-inflammatory & ain drops. I am a whole functioning person again Ally. The knee is 95% better & so is the shoulder & I am not aching ANYWHERE for the first time in about 20 years. I just can’t believe it, Ally. Do I stay on these drops forever? It is so wonderful to want to get up in the morning. Thank you so much RT Wentworth Falls NSW Australia

I had to stop taking the Domperidone pharmaceutical drug due to various side effects. Fortunately, your Milk Maker mix has really improved my supply, I will defiantly take it a lot earlier in my next pregnancy and hopefully not have to supplement feed at all. Thank you so much, Natures medicines are really a blessing I wish I had known sooner. L.W Winmalee

“My last blood test showed blood pressure and cholesterol all good. The doctor said keep up the medications they are working great. Well, I have not been on cholesterol medication ever and been off blood pressure tablets for 8 weeks. I just keep taking the scripts, makes him feel good I guess” Herbal Medicine user S.Y Campbeltown

I just want to tell you that the blend you gave me changed my life. If this sounds like an overstatement just come over and check out my house and heart. You are a gifted healer and a beautiful friend E.A Woodford

Bug Beater – feeling human for the first time in over a week! E.J Doonside

I just wanted to let you know that with your herbs, my other supplements and staying mostly gluten and diary free I feel good! For the first time in ages, I wake up calm. The herbs defiantly pulled it all together AH Belligen

Ally is a rare and first rate herbalist. She doesn’t just shove supplements at you, instead she has a deep connection and unique knowledge about her craft which transfers directly to her healing. Five star healer! Anada Jones TCM practitioner

Ally has been treating my family for 2 years now & we rely heavily on her herbs for immune boosting, healing & general well being. A thorough, knowledgeable, professional and effective traditional healer. I nearly don’t mind being poorly with an Herbalist like Ally. SS MedlowBath

I have found your bug beater has been a life saver this winter with colds decreasing in length and severity!! MB Faulconbridge

I think Ally’s magic potion, Milk Maker, is working! particularly in the morning as woke up with breasts full of milk (not always like that) xx Probably had the most dramatic impact of all the things I’ve tried so far. SC Woodford

Props to Ally Sanchez MILK MAKER herbal mix. I have a friend in northern nsw, struggling with milk production after a c-section. Trying all the good things to no avail. I sent her some of Allys herbs & she’s flowing with milky goodness DR Hazelbrook

Ally Sanchez You are my hero! Hubby had the manflu for 2weeks. I started to get it 2 days ago. 2 days of bug beater every hour and it’s gone! Thank the universe for u my love!!! MD Blue Mountains