9th July 2015 #2

Off to a great start today. Feeling motivated. Morning group training.

When you are doing a fast it is ideal to be able to check out of your busy life, perhaps rent a beach flat or have children stay at the grandparents or you could even be like me and invite your children friends to your house and cook them all dinner while you drink vegetable juice.  Um..Yay?



Juice of The Day

2 litres of Carrot, Celery, Beetroot and Ginger a classic detox mix

My Herbal blend is a personal tincture of

Dandelion – support liver and kidneys detox

Scullcap – calm a busy mind

Nettle – low blood pressure, nutritive herb, adrenals

Withania – adrenals, blood builder

Bach Floweres – Clematis, Cerato, Inpatients, hornbeam – keep me focused and on task baby

drank extra litre of water

went to the toilet alot

But slight hiccup while making a new cauliflower dish

Thankyou for sharing the journey. Let me know how YOU are going