July 11 & 12

Day 3 – 4

Feeling fab-u-lous.  If you haven’t already tried it when you juice fast you get to a point, usually day 3 or 4, when you feel so damn gooooooood. Better then any drug.  It may be all your nutritional deficiencies being filled up, or the freeing of energy usually reserved for digestion. Whatever it is it is a truly natural high. One which has you floating, joy filled and feeling more connected to life itself.  You are ready to take on it all and then some

SO I took on 3 hours… 3 hours of running on trial. Im new to the coach thing and he had sent a message to do a long easy run but didnt mention time or length ( I think he may have forgotten) so since I have done a few 2 – 2 1/2 hr runs I thought I better try for a three hour one. Which I did

It was fine. I felt fine. I didn’t stop despite the up up up up hills, well ok I walked for about 50m on the last hill which is pretty damn steep ok.

Im still juicing my favourite detox, liver support, fluid mover


and added some green apples which I found on special by the box

Apples are a wonderful source of antioxidants and studies have shown they are cancer preventative, very important this day and age with the big C causing havoc everywhere.

My Herbal blend is still the same but Im thinking I may tweak it soon.

When I got home from the run my body kind of seized, I was fine while running but as soon as I stopped I was almost frozen in the running position. I stretched out some and promised myself a big soak in some epsom salt (still waiting) I was pretty wiped by mid afternoon. I did all the family things like house work and driving kids around. Then slept like a baby that night.

Sunday I was tired. I suspect it was from the 3 hour run while fasting. I am now starting to consider replenishing my body while actually running. Something I haven’t really bothered with. Water packs and the like, they look clumsy and awkward and uncomfortable. Not for me darlings. Until now, maybe those camels are onto something.

Maybe I should consider more then drinking before and after these big runs…..



Here is my video blog, straight from my PJs to your computer face.

see you soon
Ally x