Day One 8/7/15

Report after the mornings 5km trail run

Nothing like a hard 5km to let you know how you are treating yourself. I aint feeling the best after splurging on pizza and wine…. school holidays, working, deciding painting our bedroom and bathrooms was a great idea :/  so I fell into the takeway trap. My diet is by no means shocking,  I eat mainly whole foods and returning to a Vegan diet after my 44th birthday in June has been great. Its when I veer right off track I feel the consequences, and I don’t want to anymore *stamps foot in tantrum* and thats up to me alone.

I have committed to getting on track for this marathon in September 2 months away or something like that, maybe 10 weeks? I really should figure that out :/

So yes In an attempt to get my focus on and my nutritional deficiencies healed I am juice fasting or juice feasting as us in the trade like to call it.

My current herbal tincture

* Dandelion (detox liver and kidneys)

* Nettle (nourisher and alkaliser, I have alot of white fibres in my iris)

* Skullcap (its a busy head herb, small doses only)

* Withania (adrenal and blood builder)

Bach flowers – Clematis and Cerato (always in my mix) Hornbeam (keeps me motivated)

Today I juiced

2 litres of

Carrot – super source of beta carotene almost identical to human blood in its structure its the base of many healing vegetable juices, including mine

Celery – its a mild diuretic and help move fluids (its good for high blood pressure which I don’t have)

Beetroot – gets the liver moving, which I need

and Here is my video blog/diary