In 2016 I was lucky enough to  asked by the Herbal Extract Company of Australia to make a series of videos to  be used to help new practitioners find their way around prescribing plant medicines. Below you will find Parsley, our unsung hero.

Parsley is widely used in Europe and the Middle east, and has found its place on the plates of many restaurants here in Australia. This is due to its long history as a digestive herb, Parsley helps to bring energy to our digestive system which in turn helps to break down and absorb all the wonderful life giving nutrition from our foods.

As a herbal extract medicine we use the root, while culinary and teas we ted to use the aerial parts.  Parsley can be used for symptoms of fatigue, poor weight gain, stalled menses (no or late periods)

With parsley in an extract form we need to be careful in pregnancy so if building a bubba stick to this nutritious weed in your dishes, smoothies and juices.

In our kitchens parsley is an awesome addition not only to our plates but can add that extra kapow to a daily juice.

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