This summer cleanse has One, yes One, simple guideline for each day

They are: Fruit. Green Smoothies. Fresh Juice. Raw till Four.

Cant get much simpler then that.

I often see people in clinic who would like information for cleansing and detoxing but don’t want to shift through an overload of conflicting information from Dr Google, they just want simple and effective guidelines to do what needs to be done to start feeling better,  So this summer I came up with a simple 4 day cleanse.

Cleanses are  wonderful place to both start or to reboot your health and vitality journey.

A ‘cleanse’ or ‘detox’ gives our bodies a break from overeating while simultaneously  flooding them with much needed nourishment and healing micronutrients. It allows the intestinal system to unclog and unload any backed up waste into the toilet, where it belongs.

I like to do some sort of cleanse or detox every season. Cleanses help get you back on track if you regularly fall off the ‘Health Wagon” or can be a seasonal reminder to check in on your body and how it is functioning.

While cleansing you may have what is referred to as ‘detoxing symptoms’ such as nausea, headaches, sore joints etc. Hang in there! Drink lots of extra water and these symptoms usually pass with in 24 hrs and you end up feeling fantastic in no time.

So Lets get too it.

Drink clean filtered or spring water  or herbal teas freely.

Day One – Fruit. Summer is the perfect time to have a fruit cleanse. The fruits are delicious and abundant.  Knock yourself out and eat as many types and pieces you like. The more experienced may choose mono meals or a mono day (Thats one type of fruit only, eaten till satiated) .

Allow your body to feel the captured sunlight enter in, bringing with it health affirming nutrients more powerful then any vitamin pill.  Fruit truly is our Creators lollies. The best kind of sweet treats. Being fibre rich they will begin the cleansing process of the colon.




Day Two – Green Smoothies. The darling of the health world and a wonderful way to increase the healing vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients into our diet…  Green smoothies are also packed with insoluble fibre, the broom which sweeps the poo out of us.. This is a good thing and perfect to continue the cleansing process that began with the day of fruit. Green Smoothies are also a gateway to changing poor diet habits, try adding one green smoothie a day for one month and you will soon feel the difference.

Feel free to give yourself a water enema today to turn up the cleansing power 😉


Day Three – Juice

My favourite healing tonic (apart from herbal tinctures) is fresh juices. I drink a litre of fresh juice as part of my day to day nutrition. So go crazy, 3 – 4 litres is ideal to keep hunger at bay and have enough energy  for the day. Aim for more veggies then fruits, particularly for  those with blood sugar issues. If you are new to juicing don’t be afraid, juice whatever your enjoy.  Apple and Carrot is probably the simplest healing  juice, it tastes great and is full of healing kapow.




Day four – Raw till four 

A diet high in raw foods dramatically decreases your risks of many diseases including Type 2 Diabetes, Cardiac Disease, High Cholesterol and many types of cancers. So try it out today by eating only Raw Vegan foods till 4pm, then ease into a whole food plant based dinner.

Check out my resources below to get you started.



You have done it! simple, yet effective. Lets us know how you go 🙂





Here are some resources to get you motivated. 




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