Have you seen those weed killing ads on TV? The one where they zoom in on that nasty pest Dandelion?


There is a reason Dandelion keeps popping up in those manicure lawns… the uptight owners are most likely full of liver congestion and the answer they have is the very thing they are trying to destroy… Ms Dande

Why do we humans do that? Try to kill the very thing that is there to heal us? we are a strange lot

Its Autumn around here and Autumn/Winter is the time for  harvesting the roots of Dandelion as the plants energy stores focus downward and back into the roots after the spring and summer growing periods. At this time the roots have an extra sweetness to them, bought about by the higher content of a carbohydrate known as inulin. Inulin works as a prebiotic supporting healthy gut bacterial growth and the abspotion of calcium from our foods … adding to dandelions healing properties which are all so important in our over processed modern world. The roots can be eaten like any other root vegetable, or dry roasted for a healing cup of dandelion tea.

In herbal medicine the roots and leaves are primarily used but the whole plant has healing qualities

Dandelion is a bitter medicine therefore is used for digestive issues, the bitter tastes helps to stimulate organs involved in digestion by increasing saliva to help break down starches and carbohydrates, increased stomach enzymes aiding in the breaking down of starches and proteins, increases bile which is important in fat digestion and stimulates the bowel to keep things moving along.

As a very safe diuretic (particularly the leaves) we can use dandelion for water retention, edema, urinary stagnation, and symptoms of high blood pressure all of  which support dandelions detoxing effects.

A dandelion coffee is a great ‘morning after a big night’ cup, or a regular tea in your health regime.

Renown for centuries for its healing effect primarily on the Liver, Kidneys and Digestive tract

here are some signs that you may need some Dandelion in your life are those we associate with Liver congestion such as

  • tenderness in the upper right abdomen (just below the ribs)
  • Bloating indigestion
  • Diarrhoea particularly after fatty foods
  • Sour burps
  • PMS/Hormone imbalances
  • Clots
  • Excessive anger
  • Repressed emotions
  • Itchy skin
  • Skin condtions such as
  • Dry red eye
  • Red on side of tongue
  • Yellow in the iris


Below you will find a little you tube video I have made




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