Our bodies never cease to amaze me, the secrets they hold and the stories they tell. The ancient ways of healing intrigues me so much as they build on these mysteries through a relationship between the Healer and the Patient, trusting in our innate healing energy still not totally understood yet relied on in a respectful and awe inspired way.
Before pathology test (yes they certainly have a place in modern healthcare) Healers would ‘read’ the body to determine imbalances, like a detective seeking out a suspect, the Healer would seek out the source or sources of dis-ease. Being ‘with’ a person, listening and watching closely, finding clues in their gait, the skin tone, voice, body language, how they speak or don’t speak. It would also include looking at tongue and taking pulse, an art spread across all traditional medicines dating as far back as Ancient Greeks and crossing over to the Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic modalities and kept much alive today through them.
These observations would start to paint a picture and bring together subscriptions for the sick. I have been reading a persons constitutional strengths, weakness and illness patterns through Iridology for years now and it is part of my healing tool kit. Recently I took a workshop from Traditional Western Herbalist Mathew Wood in tongue and pulse diagnosis which I have started using in my clinic with much fascination.
While I am on my Mega Juice and Herb cleansing and rebuilding program my own tongue has been a source of amazement. Within one week it changed from brown and gunky to quite pink and clear, mind you I am only in the early stages of learning this life long art. Thats what all this is really about… The Healing Arts, a life of learning.
Please feel free to watch and share my latest Vlog all about my tongue ..
Peace Love and all Green Things
Ally x