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Currently working from her private clinic The Alternative Healing Centre just outside Sydney in the lower Blue Mountains. Ally uses her extensive training in Classical Herbal Medicine, Iridology, Nutrition, Juice Therapy, Aromatherapy and Bach Flowers. Treating people, not diseases, a story, not a body part. Supporting your body in healing itself.

Each patient is monitored carefully and treatments are adjusted until the client has regained their health to a level of satisfaction. Working on a 12 week blood cycle appointments are 4 – 6 weeks apart and a minimum of 3 visits is required to get best results. There are no quick fixes in healing and Ally is focused on a solution not continual consultations.

Educated by the world renowned herbalist Dorothy Hall, receiving an Advanced Diploma in Classical Herbal Medicine. Ally continues to keep updated in the ever evolving world of plant medicines and food as medicine, while staying true to the ancient principles of healing.

  • Advanced Diploma in Classical Herbal Medicine 2004
  • Advance Diploma in Nutritional Medicine 2018
  • Bachelor of Health Science 2005
  • Diploma in Juice Therapy 2016
  • Diploma in Aromatherapy 2002
  • Diploma in Remedial Massage 2000

My Story

Time for some self indulgence for those who like to read these things.

Oh to begin this story with my free birth into a field of wild lavender, followed with a childhood bathed nightly in chamomile flowers. Raised on nothing but fresh air, tree climbing and whole foods. Daily chores of attending to our biodynamic/permaculture backyard, bottling produce and making home remedies. All taking place under the guidance of my loving, radiantly healthy parents, singing lullabies in foreign languages while playing the ukulele into the night. But no. I grew up in the blue collar western suburbs of Sydney with dreams of being a nurse, doctors never appealed, loved the hands on work and genuine caring of a nurse. While still in preschool I recall declaring in a loud voice “Im going to be a nurse!” As a preteen I would get lost in a series of novels about nurses working hands on in the community with the sick, no doctor in sight. My favourite tv show being the ABC series ‘Your Life in their hands” old school reality show of the early 1980s, documenting quite graphic operations.. loved it. My story continues in a way which may relate to more of you then the opening paragraph. Lets just say my youth was a tad wild ok? My poor parents and my poor body. Polluted in the way those of us who went a lil crazy can do….At 23 I instinctively knew I couldn’t continue down this track, peeling my face of the pillow of a morning was no longer appealing.

I became a vegan at this point, devouring any vegetarian literature I could get hold of. This is where I was introduced to amazing stories of recovery of life threatening and chronic illnesses through nutrition, herbal remedies and other natural healing therapies. It is at this time I fell head over heals in love with our body and the amazing, complex, unique, delightful, frustrating, intelligent piece of machinery it is. Reigniting that passion for health and healing I had tapped into during my childhood years.At the age of 30 with full support of my fabulous husband, I threw caution and anything else I could find to the proverbial wind and embarked on full time study at a major naturopathic school in Sydney. I met some wonderful like minded friends but wasn’t connecting with the teaching the way I had hoped. The lecturers I truly loved where previous students of classical herbalist, author, traditional naturopath Dorothy Hall. I left the college after 3 years of study and sign up for Dorothy Hall’s Herbal Medicine College, she was 74 years old and I was pregnant with my first child. Her ways really resonated with me acknowledging not only physical manifestations of health or ill health but the impact emotions and circumstance play in sickness. It is this holistic style of medicines I have been using and developing ever since. Known as classical or traditional herbal medicine.

My own healing has been a source of education and insight too, battling an addictive personality and an ability to run my adrenals into overload. Healing is a life journey and something that continues on all levels physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. Physically I have returned to a plant based diet, I enjoy both road and trail running with a couple of marathons and a 50km trail run under my belt. Spirituality I spend time in prayer, over my medicines, my work and for each client before opening the doors of the clinic. I acknowledge a loving Creator as the true source of all healing myself merely a vessel. My husband support grounds me emotionally as I walk two paths as both a recipient of healing and a channel of healing to others. My passion just keeps growing stronger. Mentally I continually upgrade my skills seeking teachers who share similar methodology of diagnosis and prescribing, elders found with dirt under their nails rather then a white lab coat. Devouring books, podcast, articles and blogs on natural health and healing. I balance my traditional knowledge with the mainstream science of a Masters of Human Nutrition, which I am completing through Deakin University in Melbourne Australia.

As a wife and mother of three delightfully feral boys I understand the juggling of ethics, values and time. I believe as parents we have entered into a new paradigm. One where our families are exposed to synthetic chemicals, food additives, preservatives and processed junk. I battle, and don’t always win, to keep my family on a whole food diet. I am a believer and supporter of parents to have access to natural child birth, and defend the right to a private midwife and a homebirth. I encourage bonding, baby carrying and breast feeding. To bring up the next generation on whole foods and natural medicines. To encourage the strong bodies needed to survive the polluted future.

Education is power and I am not talking about the education that comes from pharmaceutical funded scare campaigns or an agenda biased governments. Vaccinations,  pharmaceuticals, prcedures such as ultrasounds are all money making machines and shouldn’t be taken at face value. Marketing companies are paid a fortune to have us believe the hype. Researching and self education has never been more important.

Modern Medicine has made some very valuable life saving additions to healthcare, particularly acute life threatening issues in young and old. If i was to cut my leg off, hypothetically of course, i wouldn’t wrap a comfrey leaf around it but head straight for a surgeons table, mind the blood. Or if i was having a heart attack i would call an ambulance not chew on a hawthorn berry. But if i was experiencing things like chronic inflammation in my knee, reoccurring headaches, anxiety produced heart palpitations, hormonal nightmares, digestive upsets, restless nights or tired days my beloved herbs would be my first point of call hands down.

I could go on an on about all this but perhaps you should just come into the Alternative Health Centre where we can discuss the personal impact of this modern world on your health or any illness patterns you or your family are experiencing. We can discuss how the ancient herbal medicines and a tried and tested Traditional Approach to Healing can help support/combat/reverse/prevent.

With Much Love