I finished a 50 day juice fast some time ago and thought I would post the last vlog today. I wanted that big TICK on the productivity list. Done!

This extended juice fast was a journey of cleansing on every level. Since the completion I have felt the benefits of a healthier me. More energy, renewed focus and a gentler self critic. I had aimed for 84 days (12 weeks) and rather then beat myself up for not seeing it through I chose to be proud of the achievement I did make.

It’s a life lesson that one, particularly on the health journey. Often we can beat ourselves up for the poor choices we make “argh I had that coffee” “Why did I eat that cake?!” “Were did the rest of that bottle of wine go?” This burdens our bodies with more stress, often more then the poor choice did in the first case. Celebrate the wins, drink a dandelion tea, resolve yourself to a new day and acknowledge this is all a journey. Some days we are all over it and others not so much.

I see health like a wagon, the Health Wagon. We hop on the wagon by eating a clean, whole food diet and caring for our physical, mental and spiritual health. The Health Wagon is a beautiful place of clarity and energy, a place we feel focused and complete. But then we slip and fall off the wagon, spiralling into a mess of potato chips and takeaway foods. Its not all bad though, when we fall off the wagon we take some of those good habits with us, an awareness for that which our body loves. Having spent time on the wagon of optimum health we know how great it feels and we hop back on it sooner each time we fall. What was once weeks or months becomes days and hours.

The feeling of good health calls us like a siren song…. beaconing us to drop the pizza, fatty sausage, block of chocolate or whatever and return to the daily green salad and home cooked meals. Caring for our bodies as the temples they are.

Spring is now here. The time of new beginnings. As someone who cleanses seasonally I have started a more gentle reboot, a 100% raw food diet for one week with a 24hr juice fast thrown in the middle. Its a simple cleanse/detox, perhaps you may want to give it a try? For a newbie you can just aim for one or two days pf 100% raw vegan foods and there are many great raw food recipes on the internet. Just remember to be gentle on yourself, enjoy the journey. This is where life happens, on the way, not at some allusive end.

Sending the healing love vibes out

Ally XX