#2 on my Healing Journey. A bit of a surprise really. Perhaps I was just so super ready to cleanse and heal my body that I had these sudden and instant detox symptoms? Like my body was saying “About time woman I’m so ready for this lets get to it! ” please watch video to find out more 😉
The basic idea behind a cleanse is two things; One, our body is a self healing machine and Two we have a limited amount of energy to do this. Many things inhibit our healing process some examples being poor nutrition, stress, bacterial overload, heavy metal and/or environmental pollutions, viruses, parasites etc etc.. When we do what is referred to as a “Detox” we are supporting our innate healing mechanism by freeing up energy from the digestive process (our biggest energy sucker) and therefore the body will redirect its energy into healing and cleaning house. 
Our bodies are pretty amazing. We have seven channels of elimination, the liver, kidneys, bowels, blood, lymphatics, lungs and skin which are all constantly cleaning up and removing our mess, both the natural waste from living and breathing to the unnatural waste we force on ourselves intentionally or not so intentionally. When we do a detox program it is important to support our waste removing organs with plant medicines as they take on the extra work load. Ill discuss this further in upcoming blogs.
In todays heavily polluted, information overloaded, processed fake food laden world the concept of detoxing is more important then ever.
You don’t need to do an extreme version like me (but feel free too if your instincts are saying so), it may be a simple cleanse like a week of raw foods, or a day of mono eating (one type of food eg apples) or even a short Juice fast of 2 to 3 days (3-4 litres a day). There are so many ways to give our overfed bodies a break so feel free to ask me any questions on the subject. 
Herbally Yours